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How to Create your Unique T-Shirt with Heat -Press Vinyl

The advancement in technology has made it possible to create many unique items including your customised t-shirts. There exists a particular vinyl that can be used to make your unique t-shirt by using a heat press. A heat press is a form of a giant iron that can go to really high temperatures and provide even temperature and pressure over a surface. To get more info on which machines you should buy for your T-Shirt business, click There are various steps on how you can create your unique t-shirt using a heat press -vinyl as will b mentioned here.

The first step towards the creation of your customised t-shirt using a heat-press vinyl is by getting the right equipment which in this case are the heat press, heat press vinyl and of course a vinyl cutter. However, when choosing your heat press vinyl, you should ensure that you watch out what temperatures they should run at and for how long considering that many supplies sell them with different material specifications. When decorating your t-shirt with a heat press, there are some key aspects that you may need to look into such as time, temperature and pressure. For that reason, you should be cautious.

The second step in creating your unique t-shirt using a heat -press vinyl is by choosing your design. To be able to do this, you should ensure that you reverse the file containing your preferred design so that it is a mirror image of the original design. Reversing of the image is essential due to the way the CAD heat transfer film is made and shipped. Click to learn more about which heat press you should purchase for your T-Shirt business. To do this, you may need to highlight your design and right click, then select Transform -Reflect on your Adobe Illustrator. After doing that, you need to adjust the colours to suit your vinyl cutter. In the Reflex Dialog Box, you need to ensure that Vertical is selected and set the Angle at 90 degrees then press OK to confirm the transformation.

Lastly, you may need to cut and weed the vinyl. Once you are done cutting your design on the vinyl cutter, you will then have to weed it. In doing so, you will be removing the excess vinyl that is not part of your design. Regarding the fact that Heat Press Vinyl is thicker than normal, you will be to do this step easily without the use of extra tools. After cutting and weeding of your vinyl, place your plan t-shirt on the heat press with the vinyl design over it then set your heat press to the desired temperature. Pull down the handle of the heat press and allow the heat to transfer from the heat press vinyl onto the material of the shirt. After that, release the heat press and let the t-shirt to cool before removing the plastic covering.Learn more from

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